Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Ugh! I am pretty sure the memory card on my digital camera is shot. Whenever I take a pic and try to upload it my computer tells me it is in an unsupported file format. Same when I try to review it on the camera. I formatted it on the camera and again on the computer and it still does the same thing. Lucky for me, my SIL works at the photo center at Sprawlmart. A lot of people leave their cards behind in the machine. They save them for quite a while but after about a year or so they throw them out. She said she would send me one later this week.

Yesterday I had my pre-op appointment for my tonsillectomy. I have to go back on Friday and have some blood work done. Tuesday is the big day. It is not until 10:30 so hopefully the ILs will be able to get here before I have to go and we won't have to take the kids along.

Once I get better from the surgery I will probably be going out to find a job. We have spent most of our savings and it is just not a good position to be in. I hope I can find something where I can work around dh's hours and just work until around Christmas. Bleh.

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