Thursday, November 8, 2007

I think we might be done....

with diapers! J has been only wearing a diaper to bed for quite a while now. I have given all but a handful of Fuzzi Bunz away. At bedtime, I have been putting a Fuzzi Bunz stuffed with a prefold on him. Some nights he wet, some he didn't. Monday I needed to wash diapers, which I have been washing with the towels since we went to nights only. I forgot to put them in the dryer. So at bedtime I pulled out an emergency pull up. J, who does not speak well at all, said very clearly "Don't want that!" while vehemently shaking his head. Dh said he didn't blame him. I don't either. So I put him to bed in underwear and pjs. Before I went to bed I woke him and took him to pee. Tuesday night the diapers were dry and I was apprehensive about being woken in the middle of the night to a wet boy and a wet bed. I put the diaper on him but laid the prefold over the fleece so if he wet, he would feel wet. He was dry in the morning. Last night I decided to do underwear again. This time I put an old ratty towel folded under his sheet. I didn't wake him to potty before I went to bed and he is dry this morning.

With all of the changes going around here the prospect of moving away from diapers forever is great. It means I don't have babies anymore, I have boys. I'm so excited about going to school in January. In a few years I will have a job outside of the home. But I will be working when my kids are in school and home when they are home. It will be a huge step forward for us financially where we will not only be able to get by but we will also be able to afford nice extras like vacations, shoes, more yarn, etc.

Now if anyone knows how to get him to move out of the terrible threes, I am all ears!