Thursday, July 26, 2007

Good fortune

I have been in a pretty grumpy mood the past few days, mostly due to our not so good money situation and all of the crap with dd's father. Yesterday I had some good fortune.

Our next door neighbors have been in the process of moving away to Utah. The mother and the youngest daughter left over spring break. The older daughter (our babysitter) left after school let out. The father has stayed behind to do some fixing up on the house and stuff. His last day of work is at the end of next week and he will be leaving soon after that. Over the weekend he stopped at my friend Nancy's house to let her know that he did not want to take his food with him and asked that we go over to spit it between us. I have been over there a few times before but I was completely shocked over how much food there really was. I wish I could have taken a picture of what I brought home because it was just unbelievable. Once we finished splitting it I had to get my car from next door and fill the trunk with all of mine. And my trunk was completely full. Dh and I were sweating after we carried it all in. We got the meat into the freezer and I left the non perishables until this morning. It took well over an hour to get it all put away. My pantry was so full that I had to empty a cabinet in the laundry room to finish putting it all up. It will cut down on the amount of groceries I need to buy next month tremendously so we will be able to save that much more.

He also has a bunch of wood and a few cabinets in his garage. He said he was going to take a little with him but would sort through it and let me have what I wanted from the rest. These people have been the best neighbors and I am so sad to see them go. I feel guilty for taking all of this from them when there are so many people in much more need than I am. I plan to take about 10% of what I got and donate it to a food pantry. I am also going to ask him if we could mow his yard until the house sells to make up for all they have shared with us.

Not much else going on here. I went out this morning and bought ds the few school supplies that I didn't already have here for him. I can't find his bookbag though so I need to launch an search for it. I also forgot that I need to get some lunch bags for him. He carries both breakfast and lunch to school because he will not eat most of the food that is served.

Five more days til the tonsillectomy. I am going to talk to my friend Natalie this afternoon so we can figure out what kind of homeopathics I can take to speed my healing. She did say that I can start to take arnica now to prepare for it.

Eleven more days until school starts. The first day will be a half day and there is no school on the 9th and 10th. I think it is dumb to only have school for 2 1/2 days on the first week but whatever. J's birthday is on the 24th and I plan to have his speech evaluated as close as possible to that day. Once he gets the evaluation done he will be able to get an IEP and start preschool. He will go to the same preschool that B went to. It is 4 days a week for 3 hours a day. I know that being around other kids will help him with so much, especially the anger issues he is starting to pick up from his brother.

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Cathy said...

Sorry that you are dealing with crap with K's dad. That stinks. Money issues can't help. I certainly know how that goes. Actually, I know firsthand, right now! I will keep good thoughts for you, that you heal quickly from your tonsillectomy, and that you feel no pain. :) Sending lots of healing thoughts your way.

By the way, many people wouldn't automatically think to donate a percentage of what they got from their neighbor to a shelter, so I applaud you for that, Trish. I think that it is awesome that even when you can really use it, you still thought of others. That says sooo much about you. I am sure that your neighbor will appreciate your mowing his yard until his house sells, too. That is very thoughtful. You are a great neighbor, and I am sure that is why he was so happy to share his things with you when he was moving.