Friday, July 13, 2007

Garden update

Back in May I made some raised bed and planted my first garden at this house. I am still pretty new to gardening and apparently not too good at it. I recently noted that some of my plants are just not growing. My lettuce outright died, well over a month ago. I planted more but it didn't sprout. I wrote it off to the birds eating it. So here is how things are going now.


They look pretty decent here but they just aren't getting bigger. There are a couple of plants that have sprouts but people around here are already picking beans. Hmph.


The bigger one in the back has grown some but the rest have not grown much at all.


The banana pepper (back left) just died outright. The green thing you see in it's place is a tomato my mom tried to transplant. The jalepenos are just as small as when I bought them.

The tomatoes are doing better than anytime else and I will actually get tomatoes this year, yay. I even have a few Romas that are starting to turn red, even if they are a little small.

The cherry tomato is an entirely different story. This is the runt plant. There are a few branches at the top, which have sprouted baby tomatoes but it is not nearly the size it should be.

I also have onions planted in another bed and they are doing decently.

My FIL came over a few days ago and I asked him to have a look and see what he though. He told me that it looks like the soil does not have enough nutrients and that I should put fertilizer in it after gardening season is over. I can't lose hope that this is as big as it will get though so yesterday I stopped at Lowe's and got some organic plant food. I mixed it into the soil last night and watered everything. Hopefully I will see some growth in the next week or two.

I also have a few cute pics of ds2 to share. Ds1 is away at MILs and ds2 has been extra sweet lately.

Here he is "sleeping" in the bottom drawer of my dresser.

Helping daddy work on his motorcycle.

And one from the sandbox. He saw me taking pictures outside so I had to take one of him too. I used an old patio umbrella and planted it this morning so they would have a sunshade and also hopefully keep the rain out since it never gets covered.

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