Monday, June 11, 2007

A few weeks ago I got a copy of Fitted Knits. It was a busy time so I didn't get to look through it like I wanted. Last night when I got into bed I read through the whole book. There were two patterns that I have a deep, burning desire to knit right this minute. The first is this U Neck Vest that you see pictured and being swatched for. The other is the Cozy V Neck Pullover with Deep Ribbing. I didn't have the yarn for the pullover and I also can't wear it now since it is about 5,000 degrees here. I do have enough yarn (I think) for this vest. I am using Harrisville Designs Flax and Wool blend. The color is Spice, which is perfect for the yarn. I am a bit disappointed with the yarn so far. The vest is worked from the waist up. I cast on the waist stitches and in 2 rounds the yarn pulled apart 3 times. I have knit 4 more rounds since then with no pulling apart so I am hoping that it was just a bad spot. I look forward to getting this knit up. Hopefully quickly because I need to resume on my abandoned Sockapalooza socks.


Davina said...

Is that a swatch? Or did you quit eating??
I want that book... someday.

Trishy said...

That's just a swatch you dork!